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For far to long there have been too many, what we like to call “Glory Hunter” management companies, and record labels, where it's as much about the management and the label as it is the artist they claim to represent. Here at DeeVu we don’t feel the need to publicly name our clients, we do things differently. We work quietly in the background gaining exposure for our clients and their music rather than ourselves, thus leaving our clients to enjoy the limelight and the positive exposure we generate for them.



Here at DeeVu pay some of the highest rates in the industry, and we are currently distributing digital releases, ringtones, music videos and TV shows to more than 120 stores in 240 countries, and we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide as well as reliable distribution. Our record label managers can offer advice on music production and will liaise directly with stores such as Spotify and Beatport ensuring that artist pages are created correctly and that releases are always attributed to the correct artist or bands.

Record Labels


As well as running our own record label DeeVu Records, we also manage and administer labels for our clients which includes labels such as Acid Dolphin Recordings, Sound of Underground London, Nu Energy DnB, Dead Moth Records AU, Copacetic Records, Feeze, Rabbit Noize, and Deeper Sound Of Underground London to name but a few and we pride ourselves on providing a professional and flawless administration music production, mastering and  distribution  services to our ever growing list of clients . 

DeeVu Studios


DeeVu Studios was formed out of a desire to create quality music, and ‘strives to be the perfect rural location for un-interrupted creativity’, combining high-quality production values with gold-standard gear. DeeVu are proud of the fact that they are Neve endorsed studio and have quickly gained a reputation for outstanding  production, attention to detail and a  forward thinking professional attitude in everything they set out to achieve.


We pride ourselves on quality production, mixing and mastering.

We pride ourselves on quality music production, mixing and mastering and strive to deliver the best possible listening experience to the listener.  DeeVu’s founder Lee Rose became so frustrated with poor quality production, substandard, over compressed, limited and clipped masters, that he decided to bring everything in-house,  and no longer outsource to 3rd party producers, recording studios, mastering houses or record labels.

Mastered For iTunes

DeeVu Studios is an Apple-approved Mastered For iTunes mastering house.

DeeVu Studios is an Apple-approved Mastered For iTunes mastering house and record label. DeeVu’s mastering process consists of analog hardware only, and boasts a mixture or modern and vintage equipment. There are no software plugins anywhere in the mastering chain, thus giving a warmer, wider and richer high end sound to the final master, therefore providing the listener with a better overall experience.